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Author: George Solidakis, Fanourios Tsokas,Michael Batistatos,Nikos Sagias,George Tsoulos,Dimitra ZarboutiandGeorgia Athanasiadou

Title: An Arduino-Based Subsystem for Controlling UAVs Through GSMInstitution: University of the Peloponnese


Author:Nikos Petrellis

Title: A Smart Phone Image Processing Application for Plant Disease Diagnosis

Institution:TEI Larissas


Author:Yiannis Moisiadis, Konstantinos Nikelis and Padelis Papadopoulos

Title: A Methodology for Integrated Transformer Compact Modeling

Institution:HELIC S.A.


Author: Muhaned Zaidi, Ian Grout and Abu Khari A'Ain

Title: Pole-Zero Estimation and Analysis of Op-Amp Design with Negative Miller Compensation

Institution: Dep. Electronic and Computer Engineering University of Limerick


Author: Alberto Stabile, Valentino Liberali, Gianluca Traversi and Francesco De Canio

Title: Design of LVDS Driver and Receiver in 28 nm CMOS Technology for Associative Memories

Institution: INFN


Author:Christos Mourtzios and Katherine Siakavara

Title: MIMO Channel Capacity Increase by Hybrid Non-Uniform EBG Antenna Arrays



Author: Eleni Bougioukou, Nikolaos Toulgaridis andTheodore Antonakopoulos

Title: Cloud Services using Hardware Accelerators: The case of Handwritten Digits Recognition

Institution: University of Patras


Author: Magdy Aboelela,Mohammed EssaandMohammed Hassan

Title: A Comparative Study between Ordinary and Fractional Order PID Controllers for Modeling and Control of an Industrial system Based On Genetic Algorithm

Institution: Cairo University


Author: Panagiotis Radoglou-GrammatikisandPanagiotis Sarigiannidis

Title: Flow Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection System for Android Mobile Devices

Institution: University of Western Macedonia


Author: Theodoros Simopoulos, Lazaros Spyridopoulos, George Alexiou and Nikos Konofaos

Title: Multi Field SRAM Access via Intra-Encoders and Crossbar Addressing Scheme

Institution: CEID, University of Patras


Author: Alberto Stabile, Luca Frontini and Valentino Liberali

Title: Pop-count Circuits for Associative Memories: a Comparison Study

Institution: INFN


Author: Alberto Stabile,Valentino Liberali, Luca Frontini, Annovi Alberto, Calderini Giovanni, Francesco Crescioli, Francesco De Canio, Takashi Kubota, Pierluigi Luciano, Fabrizio Palla, Seyed Ruhollah Shojaii, Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou and Gianluca Traversi

Title: A Low-Power and High-Density Associative Memory in 28 nm CMOS technology

Institution: INFN


Author: Alberto Stabile,Valentino Liberaliand Luca Frontini

Title: Power Distribution Network Optimization for Associative Memories

Institution: INFN


Author: Christos Kaitatzis, Achilles Boursianis, Sotirios Goudos and Panagiotis Dallas

Title: A Preliminary Coverage Study in Millimeter Wave Bands for 5G Communication Networks

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Christoforos Kachris, Elias Koromilas, Ioannis Stamelos and Dimitrios Soudris

Title: Spark acceleration on FPGAs: A use case on the machine learning in Pynq

Institution: Institute of Communications and Computer Systems


Author: Mohammad Ali Mirzaei,Vincent Voisin, Alberto Annovi, Guillaume Baulieu, Matteo Beretta, Giovanni Calderini, Saverio Citraro,Francesco Crescioli, Geoffrey Galbit, Valentino Liberali, Seyed Ruhollah Shojaii, Alberto Stabile, William Tromeur and Sebastien Viret

Title: Heterogeneous computing system platform for high-performance pattern recognition applications

Institution: LPNHE - IN2P3 - CNRS


Author: Gregory ZigirkasandJohn Kalomiros

Title: Implementation of a V/f motor speed controller using a Matrix Converter and Fuzzy Asymmetrical PWM

Institution: Technological and Educational Institute of Central Macedonia


Author: Sotirios Goudos, Antonios Tsiflikiotis, Dimitrios Babas, KatherineSiakavara, Christos Kalialakis and George Karagiannidis

Title: Evolutionary Design of a Dual Band E-shaped Patch Antenna for 5G Mobile Communications

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Lobna Said, Ahmed Radwan, Ahmed Madian and Ahmed Soliman

Title: Generalized Family of Fractional-Order Oscillators Based on Single CFOA and RC Network

Institution: Nile university


Author: Samar Ismail, Lobna Said, Ahmed Rezk, Ahmed Radwan,Ahmed Madian, Mohamed Abu-Elyazeed and Ahmed Soliman

Title: Biomedical Image Encryption Based on Double-Humped and Fractional Logistic Maps

Institution: GUC


Author: Samar Ismail, Lobna Said, Ahmed Rezk, Ahmed Radwan,Ahmed Madian, Mohamed Abu-Elyazeed and Ahmed Soliman

Title: Image Encryption Based on Double-Humped and Delayed Logistic Maps for Biomedical Applications

Institution: GUC


Author: Panagiotis Oikonomou, Maria Koziri, Antonios Dadaliaris, Thanasis Loukopoulos and Georgios Stamoulis           

Title: Domocus: Lock Free Parallel Legalization in Standard Cell Placement

Institution: University of Thessaly


Author: Antonios Pelekanidis, Antonios Lalas, Nikolaos Kantartzis, Theodoros Zygiridis and Panagiotis Sarigiannidis

Title: Circular and Square SRR Exploitation as a Means for Wireless Power Transfer

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Christos Salis, Theodoros Zygiridis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis and Nikolaos Kantartzis

Title: A Stochastic FDTD Approach for Assessing Random Media Uncertainties in Polar Coordinates

Institution: University of Western Macedonia


Author: Dimitrios Baxevanakis and Paul Sotiriadis

Title: A 1.8V CMOS Chopper Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Georgia Ntouni and George Karagiannidis

Title: Comparison of Amplitude Detection Techniques for Passive Receivers in Molecular Communications

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author:Dimitrios Prousalis, Christos Volos, Ioannis Stouboulos and Ioannis Kyprianidis

Title: A 4D Hyperjerk Memristive System with Hidden Attractors

Institution:Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author:Wafaa S. Sayed, Ahmed G. Radwan and Hossam A. H. Fahmy

Title: Chaotic Systems Based on Jerk Equation and Discrete Maps with Scaling Parameters

Institution: Engineering Mathematics and Physics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University


Author:Theodoros Kaifas, Dimitrios Babas, Govani Toso and Jonh Sahalos

Title: Design of Overlapping Element Direct Radiating Arrays for SatelliteCommunications

Institution:AUTH-Univ. of Nicosia-ESA


Author:Haris Marantos, Iosif Paraskevas,Kostas Siozios, Josiane Mothe, Colette Menou and Dimitrios Soudris

Title: FabSpace 2.0: A Platform for Application and Service Development based on Earth Observation Data

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author:Paris Moschovakos

Title: Trigger and readout electronics for the Phase-I upgrade of the ATLAS forward muon spectrometer

Institution: CERN


Author:Mohammed Tolba, Amr Abdelaty, Lobna Said, Ahmed Elwakil, Ahmad Taher Azar, Ahmed Madian and Ahmed Radwan

Title: FPGA Realization of Caputo and Grünwald-Letnikov Operators

Institution:Nile university


Author:Chaobing Zhou, Libo Huang and Qiang Dou

Title: BPSim An Integrated Missrate, Area, and Power Simulator for BranchPredictor

Institution:National University of Defense Technology


Author:Julio Vieira De Souza

Title: Design and testing of the high speed signal densely populated ATLAS calorimeter trigger board dedicate to jet identification

Institution: Mainz University


Author:Georgios Dimitriou, Michael Dossis and Georgios Stamoulis

Title: Loop Pipelining in High-Level Synthesis with CCC

Institution:University of Thessaly


Author:Yiorgos Sfikas andYiorgos Tsiatouhas

Title: BTI and HCI Degradation Detection in SRAM Cells

Institution:University of Ioannina


Author:Ioannis Mesolongitis, Achilleas Gkountis, Efstathios D. Kyriakis – Bitzaros, Katerina Zachariadou, Panagiotis Gkountoumis and Theodoros Alexopoulos

Title: Testing the Level-1 Data Driver Card for the New Small Wheel of the ATLAS Detector

Institution: PIRAEUS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Dept. of Electronics Engineering


Author: Michail Ninos, Hector E. Nistazakis, George Latsas, George Tombras and Nikolaos Konofaos

Title: PSK OFDM Optical Wireless Communication Systems with Receiver’s Diversity over Gamma-Gamma Turbulence Channels and Spatial Jitter

Institution:National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Author:Georgios Varotsos, Hector E. Nistazakis, Wilfried Gappmair and George Tombras

Title: Average Error Performance in Subcarrier PSK FSO Links Over Weak Turbulence Channels with Spatial Jitter and Phase Noise


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Author:Somia Rashad, Esraa Hamed, Mohamed Fouda, Amr Abdelaty, Lobna Said and Ahmed Radwan

Title: On the Analysis of Current-Controlled Fractional-Order Memristor Emulator

Institution:Nile university


Author:Stylianos-Georgios Papadopoulos, Vasileios Gerakis and Alkis Hatzopoulos Title: Oscillation-based Technique for TSV Post-bond Test Considerations Institution:Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author:Esraa Hamed, Somia Rashada, Lobna Said, Ahmed Radwan and Ahmed Madian

Title: Memcapacitor Based Charge Pump

Institution:Nile University



Author: Enrico Lovisotto, Enrico Vianello, Davide Cazzaro, Michele Polese, Federico Chiariotti, Daniel Zucchetto, Andrea Zanella and Michele Zorzi

Title: Cell Traffic Prediction Using Joint Spatio-Temporal Information

Institution: University of Padova     


Author: Christos Gentsos, Giacomo Fedi, Guido Magazzu, Daniel Magalotti, Atanu Modak, Fabrizio Palla, Gian Mario Bilei, Nicolò Biesuz, Suvankar Chowdhury, Francesco Crescioli, Bruno Checcucci, Denis Tcherniakhovski, Geoffrey Galbit, Guillaume Baulieu, Matthias Balzer, Loriano Storchi, Oliver Sander, Sebastien Viret, Leonello Servoli and Spiridon Nikolaidis

Title: Track Finding Mezzanine for Level-1 Triggering in HL-LHC Experiments

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and INFN - Sezione di Perugia    


Author: Charis Basetas and Paul Peter Sotiriadis

Title: The Class of 1-bit Multi-Step Look-Ahead ΣΔ Modulators and Their Applications

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Nikolaos Vasileiadis, Ioannis Vourkas, Angel Abusleme, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis and Nikolaos Papamarkos            Towards Memristive

Title: Crossbar-Based Neuromorphic HW Accelerators for Signal Processing

Institution: Democritus University of Thrace


Author: Neoclis Hadjigeorgiou, Paul. P. Sotiriadis and Evagelos Hristoforou

Title: Closed-Loop Current-Feedback, Signal-Chopped, Low Noise AMR Sensor With High Linearity

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Paul Peter Sotiriadis and Charis Basetas

Title: All-Digital Single-Bit-Output RF Transmitters Using Homodyne Sigma-Delta Modulation

Institution: National Technical University of Athens, Greece          


Author: Eudoxia Magganopoulou, Theodoros Zygiridis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis and Nikolaos Kantartzis

Title: Performance Improvement of Various Antennas Using Inclusions of Split-Ring Resonators

Institution: University of Western Macedonia


Author: Marco Giordani, Andrea Zanella and Michele Zorzi

Title: Millimeter Wave Communication in Vehicular Networks: Challenges and Opportunities

Institution: University of Padova     


Author: Nancy Soliman, Lobna Said, Ahmad Taher Azar, Ahmed Madian, Ahmed Radwan and Adel Ounnas

Title: Fractional Controllable Multi-Scroll V-Shape Attractor with Paramters Effect

Institution: NISC, Nile Univeristy


Author: Ahmed El-Naggar, Lobna Said, Ahmed Radwan, Ahmed Madian and Ahmed M. Soliman

Title: Fractional Order Four-Phase Oscillator Based on Double Integrator Topology

Institution: NISC - Nile University


Author: Giorgos Tsiaras and Vassilis Paliouras         

Title: Multi-operand logarithmic addition/subtraction based on Fractional Normalization

Institution: University of Patras


Author: Nikolaos Toulgaridis, Eleni Bougioukou and Theodore Antonakopoulos

Title: Architecture and Implementation of a Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Handwritten Digits Recognition

Institution: University of Patras


Author: Thomas Makryniotis and Minas Dasygenis

Title: Implementation of a Motion Estimation Hardware Accelerator on Zynq SoC

Institution: Department of Informatics and Communications Engineering University of Western Macedonia      


Author: Stamatios Gkaitatzis, Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou, Pierluigi Luciano, Paola Giannetti and Kostas Kordas

Title: A Software Demonstrator for Cognitive Image Processing Using the Associative Memory Chip

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Fotis Koumboulis, Dimitrios Fragkoulis and Vassilios Michalenas

Title:Modular supervisory control for mining process elevator systems

Institution: Sterea Ellada Institute of Technology


Author: Vasileios Chioktour and Athanasios Kakarountas

Title: A Time-Aware Code Execution Continuous Monitoring for Safety-Critical Applications

Institution: University of Thessaly


Author: Alexios Thanos and Vassilis Paliouras

Title: Hardware Trade-offs for Massive MIMO Uplink Detection Based on Newton Iteration Method

Institution: University of Patras




Author: Hsine-Ching Hsieh, Chih-Wei Hsu, Chien-Hong Lin and Po-Han Huang

Title: A Case Study: Design Techniques for NVDIMM Controller Implementation Using Low Cost FPGA

Institution: Industrial Technology Research Institute


Author: Kamil Mielcarek, Alexader Barkalov and Larysa Titarenko

Title: Designing Moore FSM with Extended Class Codes

Institution: University of Zielona Gora


Author:  Alexader Barkalov, Larysa Titarenko and Jacek Bieganowski

Title: Code sharing in CPLD-based Moore FSMs

Institution: University of Zielona Góra


Author: Berkin Atila and Burak Kelleci

Title: Recursive Odd-Even Sorter for Vector Quantizer

Institution: Okan University


Author: Marc Alvarez, Christos Kalialakis, Fermin Mira and Sotirios Goudos

Title: A Dual Band Antenna Based on a Quarter Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Institution: CTTC/CERCA


Author:  George Isaakidis, Antonis Spiropoulos and Maria Drakaki

Title: An Educational Purpose Built Three Dimentional Printer

Institution: Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki


Author: Angelos Giakoumis, Christos Volos, Ioannis Stouboulos, Viet-Thanh Pham and Ioannis Kyprianidis

Title: A Chaotic System with Equilibria Located on an Open Curve and Its Microcontroller Implementation

Institution: Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Christos Volos, Ioannis Stouboulos, Ioannis Kyprianidis, Viet-Thanh Pham, Jesus Manuel Munoz-Pacheco and Costas Psychalinos          

Title: Circuit Realization of a Fractional-Order Chaotic Jerk System

Institution: Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Adel Ouannas, Giuseppe Grassi, Ahmad Taher Azar, Ahmed G. Radwan, Christos Volos, Viet-Thanh Pham and Toufik Ziar

Title: Dead-Beat Synchronization Control in Discrete-Time Chaotic Systems

Institution: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Tebessa


Author: Giuseppe Grassi, Adel Ouannas, Ahmad Taher Azar, Ahmed G. Radwan, Christos Volos, Viet-Thanh Pham, Toufik Ziar and Ahmed Madian         

Title: Chaos Synchronisation Of Continuous Systems Via Scalar Signal

Institution: Dipartimento Ingegneria Innovazione Università del Salento


Author: Fotios Ntouskas and Kiamal Pekmestzi

Title: On the Design of the FFT Butterfly Units

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Konstantinos Prousalis and Nikos Konofaos

Title: Quantum noise simulation: A software module for QuCirDET

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Petros Sideris, Stylianos Siskos and George Malliaras       

Title: Verilog-A Modeling of Organic Electrochemical Transistors 

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Ernesto Zambrano-Serrano, Jesus Manuel Muñoz-Pacheco and Eric Campos-Cantón      

Title: Circuit synthesis of an incommensurate fractional order multi-scroll PWL chaotic system

Institution: Instituto Potosino de Investigacion Cientıfica y Tecnologica   


Author: Kostas Kokkinidis, Athanasia Stergiaki and Apostolos Tsagaris   

Title: Machine learning via multimodal signal proccesing

Institution: University of Macedonia


Author: Maria Ntogramatzi, Panagiotis Katsaros and Spyridon Nikolaidis            

Title: Cache activity profiling tool for the LEON4 processor

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Christos Dimas, Petros Tsampas, Nikolaos Ouzounoglou and Paul Sotiriadis

Title: Development of a Modular 64-Electrodes Electrical Impedance Tomography System

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Nikolaos Karagiorgos, Nikolaos Nenadis, Dimitrios Trypidis, Konstantinos Siozios, Stylianos Siskos, Spyridon Nikolaidis and Maria Tsimidou      

Title: An approach for estimating adulteration of virgin olive oil with soybean oil using image analysis

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Nikolaos Georgoulopoulos and Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos    

Title: Effectiveness Evaluation of the TSV Fault Detection Using Ring Oscillators

Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Author: Michalis Ninos, Hector E. Nistazakis, A.N. Stassinakis, Georgios Varotsos, Christos Volos and George Tombras                     

Title: Block Error Rate Estimation for Wireless Optical Communication Links Over Strong Turbulence Channels with Pointing Errors

Institution: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Author: Georgios Varotsos, Hector E. Nistazakis, Michalis Ninos, Andreas Tsigopoulos, Christos Volos and George Tombras         

Title: DF Relayed FSO Communication Systems with Time Dispersion over Gamma Gamma Turbulence and Misalignment

Institution: UOA


Author: Salem Saidi  

Title: 3-Phase Series Active Filter: Application for the Protection of Sensitive Loads Against Voltage Disturbances

Institution: LaTICE


Author: Kostas Touloupas, Charis Basetas and Paul Peter Sotiriadis                      

Title: Derivation of the Transfer Functions of 1-bit Multi-Step Look-Ahead ΣΔ Modulators Using System Identification Methods

Institution: National Technical University of Athens


Author: Rabeh Abbassi, Sahbi Marrouchi and Salem Saidi             

Title: Power Conditioning and Integration Improvement for Wind-PV-Batteries Hybrid System to Faulty Power Systems

Institution: ENSIT


Author: Ioannis Petrousov and Minas Dasygenis                 

Title: Realization of a hardware generator for the Sum of Absolute Difference component

Institution: Department of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering